cedar house , pine house

建物用途: 長屋 敷地面積:200

竣工年月日: 2016年3月 延床面積:50   


構造:        木

撮影:     小林なおき



sugi house の外壁は、こけら葺きとして、杉の持つ赤みと白身が模様として現れる様、配慮して納めました。

pine house の外壁は、狂い易いという赤松の特徴に配慮して、ランダムな細い幅の材を納める事で、Pine独特の柔らかい表情が現れる様にしました

Principal use mansion Site area


Completion date 3.2016 Total floor area 44.71㎡
Building site



wood structure

phot by:              Naoki Kobayashi

This project is a village house of the small village surrounding environment of mountains.

So, there are so many Japanese cedar ,  pine and white cedar in this village.

The client is the Tabayama village and the building is for people who want to consider emigrating to the village.

The form of the building is very simple.

We using the materials in the area,a facade and the interior decoration of the building change.

These houses are modular. In this time , we chose cedar and pine, designed cedar house and pine house.

The houses’s finish could depend on the area, the house would be built out of cedar where there is white cedar, out of oak where there is Japanese oak and so on.

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